One of a kind power programme

Your fitness hotel in Austria

In the Schwarzbrunn Fitness & Health Club "Kraftquelle" (Source of Strength), your muscles are put to full use over an area of 850 m². With the professional guidance of our trainers, you are spoilt for choice here. Our programmes range from yoga to sports rehabilitation.

Fitness programme
Rehabilitation & Prevention
  • Back fit: Prevent back pain with targeted exercises.
  • Stretching: Release tension through stretching exercises and avoid pain.
  • Fascia training: The muscular connective tissue is specifically promoted in the workout.
Strength & Endurance
  • Power abdominals: Training for the body's core for quick and noticeable results
  • Circuit training: intense whole-body training over one hour with a focus on endurance, strength and coordination
Balance & Relaxation
  • Balance Training: Train your sense of balance and strengthen your deep muscle tissue.
  • Deep relaxation: Release tension of any kind and relax.

Personal Trainer

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