A paradise like family holiday in Tyrol

An outdoor El Dorado for adults and children alike

The Karwendel Silver Region offers a wide range of activities in the great outdoors and invites you to explore it throughout the year. Through direct contact with nature, its fauna and flora, children will experience a unique adventure here. This makes a family holiday an unforgettable experience.

On an adventure hunt through Tyrol

Outside the resort, a range of adventure spots and excursion destinations are waiting for visitors to satisfy their every need. No matter whether it may be a more cultural trip or rather a journey back in time, in Tyrol the destinations for discovery are as versatile as its nature.

Schwaz silver mine

Embark on a journey in the footsteps of the miners who searched for natural treasures deep in the silver mine 500 years ago. An ideal excursion destination for the warmer months!


At DinoLand in Terfens you can dive into the past and meet many of the ancient giants at close quarters. All dinosaur enthusiasts will be thrilled.

Happy Hopp

If the weather is not really suitable for mountain climbing, then head to Vomp to the Happy Hopp indoor play park. Children up to the age of 12 can experience the ultimate in fun throughout the year in an area of around 2,000 m².

Haus steht Kopf (upside-down house)

Ever strolled through a house that has been turned completely upside down? Probably not. Take advantage of this unique attraction in Tyrol and visit this "upside-down world" in Vomperbach.