Get more from your holiday

Special holiday offers for wellness friends - Family and Active

Luxury bathing rituals in the private spa, massages, treatment plans, € 20 spa treatment voucher for 1 night as a gift - the package offers of the Hotel Schwarzbrunn offer only pleasant surprises ... and all of that on top of the comprehensive service package.

➤ Valentine’s Day ➤ Elixir ➤ Wellness  ➤ Family  ➤ Active  ➤ Spring, Summer & Autumn  ➤ Winter  ➤ Easter ➤ Last Minute ➤ Value Weeks

  • Time with your best friend | 2 nights

Time with your best friend

Time for wellness with your best friend and for a common nature & relaxation experience. 
Get 10% off the room price with this package.
2 nights
  • 02.01.2018 - 16.12.2018
from € 237,6 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Experience spa and nature for two | -10%

Experience spa and nature for two

Finally time together. And at the same time, you can enjoy enchanting, pristine nature in the Karwendel Silver Region and relaxing time in the spa. In the evening, the fireplace in the hotel entrance invites you to linger and review your experiences together in a cozy ambiance. 

10% off the basic room rate!
from 3 nights
  • 08.01.2018 - 16.12.2018
from € 356,4 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Ski & Relax | - 10%

Ski & Relax

Enjoy a winter holiday right on the ski slopes with many extras for winter fun in Tyrol! With ski passes and an outdoor programme... Plus a 10% discount on the basic room rate, 3,000 m² of wellness and a treatment voucher. Ski & relax at Schwarzbrunn!
from 5 nights
  • 15.01.2018 - 30.03.2018
from € 531 price per person
(Gallery suite Maximilian)
  • Winter Happy Days -25%  | 3 nights

Winter Happy Days -25%

We offer a reduction of 25% for any reservation between January 2 and February 3, 2018, in our studio St. George and larger rooms
from 3 nights
  • 02.01.2018 - 03.02.2018
from € 364,5 price per person
(Schwarzbrunn Suite)
  • New Year's Cracker 7=5

New Year's Cracker 7=5

Stay for 7 nights and only pay for 5
Children from 0-6 years free of charge
Professional childcare
Free ski course for children
3,000m² Schwarzbrunn SPA
7 nights
  • 07.01.2018 - 03.02.2018
from € 845 price per person
(Studio Ambras Castle)
  • The "5+2!" holiday offer

The "5+2!" holiday offer

5 + 2 nights free
in a studio (starting with studio St. Georg) or SUITE depending on availability
Free ski course for children
Professional childcare
3,000m² Schwarzbrunn SPA
7 nights
  • 03.02.2018 - 03.03.2018
from € 970 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Schwarzbrunn SUIT DEAL

Schwarzbrunn SUIT DEAL

3 nights with ALL INCLUSIVE SUPERIOR in a studio or in a suite, subject to availability, for the room Karwendel rate: € 354 pp (instead of € 507)
Children from 0-6 years are free!
from 3 nights
  • 03.03.2018 - 30.03.2018
from € 354 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Winter fun and wellness for all 7=6

Winter fun and wellness for all 7=6

Skiing directly beside the hotel and as long as you prefer! 

And much more...
studio Romantik
1 night free
€20 Spa voucher per adult
Free ski lessons incl. lift tickets for children
Ski lift ticket for the adjacent lift is complimentary

For children, we offer a complimentary ski course and childcare. Teens can take off at the snow park. And after the fun in the snow, we pamper you with warmth, water, and wellness in the Schwarzbrunn SPA.
from 7 nights
  • 01.01.2018 - 03.02.2018
  • 03.03.2018 - 30.03.2018
from € 792 price per person
(Gallery suite Maximilian)
  • Easter weekend 4 =3

Easter weekend 4 =3

Relax during the Easter Holidays and enjoy the Schwarzbrunn All Inclusive Highlights.

4 nights for the price of 3 with All Inclusive Superior: from Euro 419,25 per person instead of Euro 559 pp
4 nights
  • 29.03.2018 - 03.04.2018
from € 419,25 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Schwarzbrunn Tesla Testing

Schwarzbrunn Tesla Testing

The safest and fastest SUV - the TESLA MODEL X. Four-wheel drive, approx. 480km of range, autopilot, Falcon Wing doors and much more make this unique electric vehicle an unforgettable holiday experience.
2 nights
  • 17.12.2017 - 28.04.2018
from € 288,4 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)


Exhale and feel the lightness
Breathe in deeply in the clear Tyrolean mountain air, expand your perspective and enjoy the beautiful view! Feel like you are gliding through the Karwendel area on the wings of an eagle and take that feeling of freedom home with you.

You can't hold spring off – it blooms everywhere –  we can relax and look forward to breathing in the fresh spring air. With a relaxed, meditative hike we can become inspired by nature, the aromas, the breathtaking view points ... the best ideas come when you are walking!
4 nights
  • 08.04.2018 - 12.04.2018
from € 490 price per person
(Studio St. George)
  • Precious time together | 2 nights

Precious time together

Time for romance! Accept our invitation for a shared adventure in nature and recreation. An unforgettable stay with a candlelight dinner, romantic movie & cocktail, steam bath ritual as well as active-spa & outdoor programme.
And for this package, you will get -10% off the room price.
2 nights
  • 02.01.2018 - 16.12.2018
from € 237,6 price per person
(Studio Romantic)


Awaken your motivation and warmth
Find your own rhythm – not to fast and not to slow... feel your heart leap with joy, walk through life with motivationand courage and experience true warmth. 

Walk accompanied by sounds and scents and discover how easy it is to get back into harmony with one's own rhythm of life

Awaken new spirits
when the sun shines stronger again. We enjoy the invigorating quality of the merry month of May with heart-strengthening hikes, with sweet smells ... at those places in the Tyrolean Mountains that let your heart beat faster. Take hold of your heart – and the people you love by the hand!
4 nights
  • 13.05.2018 - 17.05.2018
from € 490 price per person
(Studio St. George)


Relax and let go - get into the flow
The ice begins to melt at the end of the winter – and we get ready to "let go", physically, mentally and emotionally. The power of water aids your inner "spring cleaning" and brings zest into your life.

Would you like to experience the spa area in nature (Sanus Per Aquam – health through water)? On gentle hikes to streams, lakes and waterfalls or to a healing spring in the area we will rediscover water as a life elixir

Mindful walking, accompanied by incense and bodily exercises, eases blockades at all levels and helps to get you back into the flow.
4 nights
  • 11.03.2018 - 15.03.2018
from € 490 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Biking fun | 5 nights

Biking fun

Your advantage: 10 % off the room price, 15 % off spa treatments. Dynamically balanced on two wheels into the mountains with a heavenly panorama. The region surrounding the Schwarzbrunn offers a dream-like cultural and natural backdrop for bikers. The Silber Region offers abundant space to exert yourself at every difficulty level, from extreme biker to leisurely e-biker, on your own or with a guide. Relax after your bike tour in the Schwarzbrunn Spa and enjoy a soothing massage.
5 nights
  • 01.04.2018 - 31.10.2018
from € 573,5 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Hiking pleasure | 5 nights

Hiking pleasure

Your advantage: 10 % off the room price, 15 % off spa treatments.
Discover the mountains of the Karwendel as your source of energy! Hike over green alpine meadows, to rushing waterfalls and visit rustic mountain huts. Feel the freedom over the valleys and enjoy the overwhelming panorama. Finally, take a breath and enjoy time! After the hike, relax in our Schwarzbrunn SPA or enjoy a soothing massage.
5 nights
  • 01.04.2018 - 30.11.2018
from € 573,5 price per person
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)
  • Schwarzbrunn Wellness Deal: One person pays, two enjoy

Schwarzbrunn Wellness Deal: One person pays, two enjoy

All-inclusive wellness: the second person stays for free in one of our studios or in one of our suites (subject to availability)

3 nights for 2 persons from € 588 (instead of € 1,176)
from 3 nights
  • 02.04.2018 - 27.04.2018
  • 13.05.2018 - 18.05.2018
  • 21.05.2018 - 30.05.2018
  • 03.06.2018 - 07.07.2018
from € 588  for 2 Guests
(Senior Suite Franz Josef)