Get more from your holiday

Special holiday offers for wellness friends - Family and Active

Luxury bathing rituals in the private spa, massages, treatment plans, € 20 spa treatment voucher for 1 night as a gift - the package offers of the Hotel Schwarzbrunn offer only pleasant surprises ... and all of that on top of the comprehensive service package.

➤ Elixir ➤ Haki days ➤ Wellness ➤ Family ➤ Active ➤ Spring, Summer & Autumn ➤ Winter ➤ New Year's Eve ➤ Last Minute ➤ Value Weeks



Save up to 60% and stay in the suite of your choice for the price of our "Feel-good" room "Karwendel" 

with all-inclusive superior  and
  • free participation in the happy days program: Music and dancing evenings, nature hiking expeditions, excursion to the Großen Ahornboden and to Innsbruck,  meat smoking workshop, wine tasting, casino evening cabaret "FauLENZen für Urlaubianer", Geiger fashion show, fireworks and more.
  • 10% off all spa treatments and products
  • Free test drive with our Tesla – 1 hour
from 4 nights
  • 09.09.2017 - 15.09.2017
from € 440 price per person
(Studio Ambras Castle)
  • Schwarzbrunn Tesla Testing

Schwarzbrunn Tesla Testing

The safest and fastest SUV - the TESLA MODEL X. Four-wheel drive, approx. 480km of range, autopilot, Falcon Wing doors and much more make this unique electric vehicle an unforgettable holiday experience.
2 nights
  • 06.05.2017 - 16.12.2017
from € 288,4 price per person
(Gallery suite Maximilian)
  • Experience E-Mobility: Tesla & Co

Experience E-Mobility: Tesla & Co

Experience e-mobility on two or four wheels: 
5 nights
  • 06.05.2017 - 16.12.2017
from € 656 price per person
(Studio St. George)
  • Precious time with your best friend | 2 nights

Precious time with your best friend

Time for wellness with your best friend and for a common nature- & relax experience. 
And for this package you will get -10% off concerning the room price.
2 nights
  • 20.03.2017 - 18.12.2017
from € 230,4 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Schwarzbrunn haki-days with Harald Kitz | 3 nights

Schwarzbrunn haki-days with Harald Kitz

... it's all about the touch!
Harald Kitz presents his high-quality concept. He knows like no other how to relieve the pressure on the shoulders, neck and head through rhythm and oscillation - in water, in dynamic group lessons or in the tranquillity of the treatment table.
3 nights
  • 03.09.2017 - 09.09.2017
from € 399,6 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
4 nights
  • 03.09.2017 - 09.09.2017
from € 532,8 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
5 nights
  • 03.09.2017 - 09.09.2017
from € 666 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
6 nights
  • 03.09.2017 - 09.09.2017
from € 799,2 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Happy Summer Days  -25%  | 3 nights

Happy Summer Days -25%

We offer a reduction of 25% for your stay until 09.09.2017 in our studio Romantic.
On top of that, we offer great times for the whole family:
€20 voucher for a spa treatment
free swimming lessons for kids
child care
awesome teen's program
family sauna ceremonies
from 3 nights
  • 10.07.2017 - 09.09.2017
from € 333 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Schwarzbrunn & Outreach Festival Special

Schwarzbrunn & Outreach Festival Special

Let yourself be pampered with spa treatments and cuisine in the Hotel Schwarzbrunn and enjoy the jazz event Outreach. 
You will receive a 25% discount off your room
The jazz highlights: in SZentrum Schwaz with jazz trumpeter Franz Hackl
August 03, 2017, 8 pm: Craig Harris' Breathe / Visual opening concert feat. Mark Kostabi & Franz Schuh Gedichte, Sharp Five, MOZARTS NIGHTMARE…, „INDIAN AIR“ – WorldJazzTrio
August 4, 2017, 7 pm: Mark Kostabi Chamber Music Ensemble, Jakob Zimmermann Trio, David Murray Last of the Hipmen, Franz Hackl’s Outreach Orchestra
August 5, 2017, 7 pm: Schriefl - Wegscheider, Eva Lind & Outreach Jazz Saxophone Quartett, JÜTZ | Bergtonreisen & ALPBACHER BLÄSER, Trump A Theatrical Concerto
from 3 nights
  • 31.07.2017 - 06.08.2017
from € 360 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Winter fun and wellness for all

Winter fun and wellness for all

Skiing directly beside the hotel and as long as you prefer! 
And much more...

20€-Spa voucher per adult
Free ski lessons incl. lift tickets for children
Ski lift ticket for the adjacent lift is complimentary

For children we offer a complimentary ski course and childcare. Teens can take off at the snow park. And after the fun in the snow we pamper you with warmth, water and wellness in the Schwarzbrunn SPA.
from 7 nights
  • 23.12.2017 - 30.03.2018
from € 785,4 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Ski & Relax

Ski & Relax

Enjoy a winter holiday right on the ski slopes with many extras for winter fun in Tyrol! With ski passes and an outdoor programme... Plus 3,000 m² of wellness and a treatment voucher. Ski & Relax at Schwarzbrunn!
from 5 nights
  • 15.01.2018 - 30.03.2018
from € 531 price per person
(“Feel-good” room “Karwendel”)
  • Precious time together | 2 nights

Precious time together

Time for romance! Accept our invitation for a shared adventure in nature and recreation. An unforgettable stay with a candlelight dinner, romantic movie & cocktail, steam bath ritual as well as active-spa & outdoor programme.
And for this package you will get -10% off concerning the room price.
2 nights
  • 02.01.2017 - 18.12.2017
from € 230,4 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Experience spa and nature for two | 3 nights

Experience spa and nature for two

Accept our invitation to a natural and recuperative experience. An unforgettable time of relaxation with a re-balance workshop and an Active-Spa-programme...
And you will get -10% off the regular room price when you are booking this package.
from 3 nights
  • 02.01.2017 - 18.12.2017
from € 345,6 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Balance & Beauty | 5 nights

Balance & Beauty

Balance meets beauty and tradition meets nature! Capture the beauty that lies in calmness, and feel true wellness with our treatments in the beauty source and in the private spa. Welcome to Balance & Beauty!
And you will get -10% off the regular room price when you are booking this package.
5 nights
  • 02.01.2017 - 15.12.2017
from € 781 price per person
(“Feel-good” room “Karwendel”)
  • Family & Spa Special | 7 nights

Family & Spa Special

1 night free of charge!
+ € 20 voucher per adult for our Spa
+ free swimming lessons during the summer holidays

Experience an exceptional vacation with fun for kids & cool offers for teens. Let us indulge you and your family with our programmes for everyone!

7 nights for the price of 6: from € 768 pp instead of € 896
7 nights
  • 01.05.2017 - 17.12.2017
from € 768 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Schwarzbrunn biking fun | 5 nights

Schwarzbrunn biking fun

Dynamically balanced on two wheels into the mountains with a heavenly panoramy. The region surrounding the Schwarzbrunn offers a dream-like cultural and natural backdrop for bikers. The Silber Region offers abundant space to exert yourself at every difficulty level, from extreme biker to leisurely e-biker, on your own or with a guide. Relax after your bike tour in the Schwarzbrunn Spa and enjoy a soothing massage.
And you will get - 10% off the regular room price.
5 nights
  • 18.04.2017 - 31.10.2017
from € 641 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Schwarzbrunn hiking pleasure | 5 nights

Schwarzbrunn hiking pleasure

Discover the mountains of the Karwendel as your source of energy! Hike over green alpine meadows, to rushing waterfalls and visit rustic mountain huts. Feel the freedom over the valleys and enjoy the overwhelming panorama. Finally, take a breath and enjoy time! After the hike relax in our Schwarzbrunn SPA or enjoy a soothing massage.
And for this package you will get -10% off the room price.
5 nights
  • 18.04.2017 - 31.10.2017
from € 641 price per person
(Studio Romantic)
  • Schwarzbrunn New Year's Eve

Schwarzbrunn New Year's Eve

Start the New Year with the best resolutions!
Holidays in the Schwarzbrunn offer the best conditions: Wellness, skiing, New Year's Ball, Casino Royal, magic show and a lot of all-inclusive services.
And you'll get 1 night for free!
from 7 nights
  • 26.12.2017 - 06.01.2018
from € 1188 price per person
(“Feel-good” room “Karwendel”)