new top wine service at Schwarzbrunn

A delicious dinner is a wonderful thing. Served with heartfelt kindness, enjoyed unhurried in a pleasant atmosphere, with a nice conversation about the wonderful holiday... and a good wine completes the evening perfectly.

A good wine goes well with the meal and brings out subtle flavours to their fullest potential. Its entrance is self-confident and distinctive without being too brash. Simply the perfect companion.

You can trust the wine recommendations of our sommelier

But which wine is the right one? Simply trust the recommendation of the evening. Whether red wine, white wine or sweet dessert wine. Or receive a personal consultation. Our staff will guide you through our exquisite wine list - of course with a focus on Austria. Taste the vital nature and beauty of Austria by the glass or fill your glass something from Italy France, Spain, South Africa or Chile.

Zum Wohl! – to your health! You are on holiday, enjoy yourself. Sit back, savour a fine wine - and let Bacchus, the god of wine, turn your wine into poetry in a glass:

Wine gilds every day,
washes the doldrums away.
Makes people cheerful and happy,
discussions so clever and snappy.
Life will seem delicious,
with a belly of well-wishes.