Wolfsklamm in Stans, Tyrol



A dreamlike gorge with wild and romantic rocky mountains as an excursions destination to which you can hike directly from the Hotel Schwarzbrunn. The Stans River has milled its way through the area between the pilgrimage place St. Georgenberg and out little Tyrolean village Stans for thousands of years. The gorge has been a tourist magnet here at the Karwendel Mountains since 1901 and can be enjoyed by hikers, mountaineers and families.


The Wolfsklamm Gorge, with its wild torrent, is several hundred meters long, whereby the gorge can be reached via 324 steps and an ascent of 254 meters altitude difference. The gorge ends on the mountain itself  at a 12-meter-high weir. The Alpenpark Karwendel Nature Reserve (no longer open to tourists) begins here. On the other side of the mountain we can return to the valley. 


The Wolfsklamm is open from approx. the beginning of May to the end of October. Admission is free for guests of the Hotel Schwarzbrunn.

Wolfsklamm Stans
Our tip: hike through the Wolfsklamm gorge

Our Hotel Schwarzbrunn is located only a few metres from the ascent to the Wolfsklamm. This means that hikes can be undertaken directly from our hotel to the Wolfsklamm gorge. Admission is free for hotel guests.

We recommend the hiking tour "Through the Wolfsklamm", which we present here. On a route of about 5.5 kilometres with a medium degree of difficulty, you can walk through the Wolfsklamm for about three hours. The total difference in altitude during ascent and descent is approx. 480 metres.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5,5 kilometres
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Ascent: 471 metres
  • Descent: 471 metres
  • Scenic round tour
  • Geological highlights along the entire tour
  • Family-friendly, also suitable for children geeignet
  • Culinary stops at the Gasthof St. Georgenberg

St. Georgenberg

After the gorge, a pilgrimage trail continues to St. Georgenberg, the oldest place of pilgrimage in Tyrol. Here you are already in the Karwendel nature reserve. Shortly before you the rock monastery, you will pass the "Hohe Brücke". The stone arch from 1497 once carried the oldest bridge in Tyrol. St. Georgenberg is a place of power and a centre of peace. The church is open daily. Church services are celebrated regularly.

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